How To Increase Online Sales Conversion Rates


Increasing online sales conversion rates can be tough. For many people out there, their typical conversion rate is about 1% and 2%. For a lot they are stuck there unable to increase website conversion or how to increase conversions on websites that they created.


We know the pain, which is why we put together some simple strategies you might not have considered.


Quality Product Images


Whether you are an ecommerce store or someone offering services, how you present things matters. When it comes to marketing a service, you want to make sure the advertisement you are using looks visually appealing.


This means using eye catching font and colours and a high quality image too. For ecommerce stores it’s finding a quality picture. Whether you take the pictures yourself or you find them online, make sure they’re quality.


Increase Website Conversion With Videos


Another way on how to increase online sales conversion rates is include videos. Images are great on how to increase conversions on websites, but video is also very effective too. Video is literally the next step before touching, feeling, and experiencing the product or service.


At the end of the day, a little bit of explication and display of your product or a rundown of your offer can be all you need to increase website conversion through the roof!


Offer Customization


Even though people have a lot of choices to begin with, giving them choices for what they’ll buy is powerful all the same. For a customer, it’s fun to pick and choose much like a game. Depending on what you can offer, some people can spend upwards to a half hour picking and choosing. In the end, you could make a larger sale just by offering this.


This is one powerful method on how to increase online sales conversion rates as people get to create what they want themselves. As such it makes sense people will spend more money and take more time to make something. They know it’ll be theirs eventually.


When it comes to services this can be trickier. That being said, your customization could be simply offering extra features. Kind of like charging extra for extra cheese or pepperoni.


Offer To Pay For Shipping


People who are looking up how to increase conversions on websites may be shooting themselves in the foot if they force the customer to pay for shipping. Having that as a staple for your items is bad for business as people really don’t want to pay for it. Don’t believe me?


A E-tailing group study did a survey that revealed 73% of shoppers purchased products because free shipping was offered. Furthermore 93% of them bought more because free shipping was offered.


Shipping costs at this point is one of the biggest reasons people still buy at brick and mortar stores more often. So it’s a big deal. Naturally this only applies to those offering products.


Clear Progress Indicators


The last big thing to increase website conversion is have a clear progress indicator. People are curious about the progress, even if it’s obvious. All you have to do is number it, and make it nice and big for people to see.




How to increase online sales conversion rates is a difficult process, but it can be done by making tweaks here and there. Try out these ideas and tell us how it went in the comments below!

How to Choose Your Affiliate Niche


Do what you love. 

That’s a pretty good advice, one that you would do well to keep in mind when you’re selecting your affiliate niche.

After all, if you’re not passionate about the product you’re promoting and knowledgeable about the niche you are doing business in, it will show in your content.

If there’s one thing that consumers can identify from a mile, it is uninspiring content. And if your content is dull and superfluous, viewers are not likely to engage with you a lot, which in turn will translate into fewer sales.

So, picking an affiliate niche that you like and know is crucial.

That said, it alone is not sufficient. You also need to make sure there’s a demand for what you’re promoting. Otherwise, your knowledge will go unused and your product recommendations unheard.

What else you must consider?

There’s one more thing you must take into account–and that’s competition. Picking a niche with an extremely high number of affiliate programs may not work to your advantage, even if that niche is known to you and is profitable.

For instance, Fashion and Travel are both profitable niches, but the latter has fewer number of affiliate programs.  If you are passionate about both, you may want to consider entering the Travel niche solely because the competition is relatively less stiff there.

In short, your shortlisted niche should meet the following criteria:

  • You must have interest and expertise in it
  • The niche should be profitable
  • Competition should be low


This brings us to the all-important question: How can you find such a niche?

Well, this is where this blog post fits into the picture. We’ll show you how to perform:

  1. Niche Search – How to check if the selected niche is profitable. Plus what are your chances of beating the competition
  2. Keyword Search – How to identify the right keywords people are searching in the chosen niche


So, let’s dive in.

Step 1 – Identify A Few Niche Ideas

Grab a pencil and paper and write down some niche ideas that you are comfortable with. There’s only one rule here: Don’t be too generic here.

Let’s say you know a lot about Windows and Windows optimization tool niche interests you.

However, this is a very broad category. Instead of listing it, narrow down your selection.

Think about the need you are going to satisfy? For example, if you want to help Windows users who’re facing Windows driver related issues, you can list the niche Windows Driver Update tool.

If you are targeting only Windows 10 users, you can further limit your niche idea to Windows 10 Driver Update tool.

You need to list at 5 – 8 niche ideas, because it is possible that some of them may not be profitable or have stiff competition.

Once you’ve the list ready, it’s time to move to the second step.

Note: For reference, I’ll be using the niche idea “Iyengar yoga props”.

Step 2 – Research Your Potential Niches

You will need to do a little research here. Thankfully, tools like Jaaxy or Google Adword Planner can provide you necessary information in a matter of a few seconds.

Select the tool you want to use and then enter the first niche idea and click the Search button.

In the search results page, check whether the selected niche idea has a minimum of 1500 searches a month. If the average monthly searches is lower than 1500, the niche is not very popular and hence not very lucrative.

In case your main niche isn’t profitable, check if other variants of the shortlisted keyword meets or exceeds the cut-off mark of 1500 monthly searches.

For instance, if my main niche idea, Iyengar Yoga props has fewer than 1500 monthly searches, I will check if other variations of my primary keyword, such as Iyengar Yoga India props, BKS Iyengar Yoga props, Geeta Iyengar Yoga props, etc., have at least that many monthly searches.

If yes, I’ll consider them instead.

When you are checking the monthly average searches for your listed business niches using a keyword tool, you should also note down other popular keywords related to them. This list will come handy when you sit down to write blog posts and other content.

For example, If I find that along with my main keyword, keywords like Iyengar Yoga India props, Iyengar Yoga equipment and Geeta Iyengar Yoga props are also frequently used to search for information related to the selected niche, I’ll note them too.

While writing content, I’ll target these keywords, besides my principal keyword.

Step 3 – Check Competition

Once you’ve the name of the niches that are reasonably popular, it’s time to check how competitive they are.

Again, you’ll need a tool to get this data. You can use domain authority checker. It tells you Page Authority of a webpage, among other things, at a single click.

At this point in time, you may be wondering, “What is Page Authority and how is it relevant?”

Page Authority tells you the ability of a particular webpage to rank in Google. A webpage’s Page Authority is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The lower the score, the less chances the page has to be ranked in search engines.

If some of your the top 10 results for your keyword in Google search have mediocre Page Authority score, there’s a good chance that you can rank your site on the first page of Google search result page relatively quickly by following good SEO practices.

So how can you know the Page Authority score of your competitors?

Run a Google search using a keyword. Now copy the first URL of the first site on the results page. Paste it into the tool you are using for checking the Page Authority and press the Enter Key. If Page Authority is 30 or lower, things are in your favor.

Now repeat this exercise for other 9 pages listed in the Google search result page. In case, three or more ranked pages have Page Authority of 30 or less, you’ve have a strong possibility of achieving the first-page rank for that particular keyword.

Step 3 – Do Keyword Research

You must identify at least 10 keywords for your content.

You may already have noted a few while searching the profitability of your niche. Now you need to identify some more.

Open your keyword tool and enter a term or a phrase related to your niche and click the Search button.

The keyword tool is most likely to throw substantially more results than 10, but every keyword in the list may not be worth targeting.

You need to pick keywords that online users frequently use to search for information. I recommend you not to bother yourself with any keyword that has fewer than 40 monthly searchers.

Another thing you must take into consideration is QSR, which stands for Quoted Search Results. It give you a precise idea about the number of competition pages present in Google for a specific keyword.

I recommend you pick keywords with QSR score of fewer than 400. The Keyword tool Jaaxy gives you QSR and monthly searches for every keyword that appears in the result list.

Here’s an example to help you understand better.

When I feed my primary keyword Iyengar Yoga props, I get related keywords such as Iyengar Yoga equipment, Iyengar Yoga DVD, Iyengar Yoga New York, Iyengar Yoga book, etc.

I’ll sift through the list and pick at least 10 such keywords with  a minimum of 40 monthly searches and QSR of under 400.

Once you have noted 10 keywords with a minimum of 40 monthly searches and QSR of less than 400 for every affiliate niche, you’re ready to jump to the last step.

Step 4 – Analyze the collected data and choose your affiliate niche

You’re now ready to pick the most suitable affiliate niche. As you’ve all the necessary information with you, this won’t take more than a few minutes.

Go through the data and pick niches with the solid numbers (1,500+ searches, low competition) and at least 10 other keywords. Look at the niches that meet this criteria and choose the one about which you are most passionate and have best knowledge.

I will use my example to make things clearer. Let’s say, this is how my list looks after research.

  • Iyengar Yoga Props – 3000 monthly searches, 4 pages in top 10 results on Google search page with Page Authority of 30 or lower. 10 or more related keywords with monthly searches of 40 or more and QSR of 400 or less.
  • Iyengar Yoga Equipment – 1800 monthly searches, 2 pages in top 10 results on Google search page with Page Authority of 30 or lower. 10 or more related keywords with monthly searches of 40 or more and QSR of 400 or less.
  • Geeta Iyengar Yoga Props – 650 monthly searches, 5 pages in top 10 results on Google search page with Page Authority of 30 or lower. Eight keywords with monthly searches of 40 or more and QSR of 400 or less.


So, which one of these should I pick? Iyengar Yoga Props?

Yes, you got it right. This is the one I like most, and it has great numbers all round, too.


You should pick an affiliate niche that interests you, is profitable and have relatively less competition. With help of the tips listed in this article, you can easily identify such a niche.




Clickfunnels Vs. Builderall



Are you still confused about which sales funnel platform you should use for your business’s list building, landing pages, squeeze pages and sales funnels? In this post, we will get in deep into Clickfunnels vs Builderall and the tools, features, and packages which they offer.


What is Builderall?

Builderall is an Ultimate Internet Marketing platform that provides you all the components that you’ll ever need to run a sustainable Online Business Builder.

It is perfect for small business and to the newbie in the business market. It focuses on creating website, setting up sales funnels , host webinar , making animated video , creating ios and android apps and also has access to SEO tools that will help you rank fast .

Features of Builderall

  • Pre-built sales funnels that could be edited.
  • Contains features to make responsive drag and drop websites and blogs.
  • Features to create a mobile application in both platforms (i.e. Android and Ios)
  • Functionality to host webinar sessions.
  • Features of creating animated videos and floating videos.
  • Provides the feature of premium local and CDN ( Content Distribution Network) hosting
  • Provides SSL.
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • Flexibility to connect up to 15 domains.


What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels can be used to easily create a series of web pages that people have to navigate through in order to purchase a product or sign up to a webinar or an email list and you don’t need to know a single line of code.

ClickFunnels is popular and has been around in the market for many years since 2014. It has all-in-one business solutions like landing pages, highly converting salesfunnels and list building in its Etison suite plan only .

It is perfect for all business whether they be small or large as well as bloggers, agencies and freelacers. It is very easy to create your sales funnel to increase your sales and conversion with pre-built sales funnel and landing pages. You can also set up sales funnel for your products to use in your e-commerce business or build an affiliate program for your products or services.

Features of ClickFunnels

  • Create landing pages for your sales with an easy drag-and-drop editor.
  • Pre-built sales funnels that could be edited.
  • Send follow up emails and SMS messages.
  • Include memberships and logins in your site.
  • Design forms to gather the information you want.




Builderall VS ClickFunnels


These both tools are two of the bests in the market right now. Nevertheless, there remain few features which distinguishes both of them.



Though both of the tools come packed with similar features. There is a huge difference in the pricing. The “Digital Marketing” plan from builderall which includes all the features except the affiliate program costs $29.90 per month whereas the ClickFunnels costs $97 per month and only includes creating sales funnel.

The “Builderall Business” plan which has the affiliate program included costs $49.90 per month whereas the price for ClickFunnels with all the features and affiliate program costs $297 per month.

So, in the pricing segment, Builderall beats ClickFunnels with a huge margin.

Affiliate Program

It is certainly easier to make more money from Builderallas it has a two-tier commission-based system. Builderall provides a full 100% commission for the first month and 30% from the 2nd month. The two-tier commission makes it easier to generate passive income. ClickFunnels does not have a two-tier commission and provides only 30% commission from each sale. The pricing of Builderallis cheaper so it’s easier to make sales with Builderallcompared with ClickFunnels.


Speed is one of the major concerns for a website because a slower response from a website would increase the bounce rate resulting in a lower number of sales. In the speed comparison between these two rivals, Builderallbeats ClickFunnels with a good margin. The load time for the Builderallwebsite was 2.12 seconds and ClickFunnels was 5.26 seconds. It makes it clear that Builderallis the winner in ClickFunnels vs Builderall.


Community and Support

What is the thing you expect after you buy a good system?

The answer is probably good support to clear out any confusions that could be encountered while using the system. For me, Builderallwins in this too. The support of Builderallis quite good with a 24×7 support system, the CEO of the system conducts webinar sessions every week to provide new information. ClickFunnels has a live chat which is yet to be implemented on the Builderallsystem.

Are they the same?

Clickfunnels and Builderall do have some features that are the same, but their overall goals are not quite the same. They do contain some similar features but each is for a different type of user.

Clickfunnels does have webpage and landing page building features much like Builderall, but it is also geared heavily towards sales funnels and all that it entails.


Builderall has many of the same page building features, but it is geared towards building websites and having a presence on the web. It all depends on whether you are just selling a product or you want to build a website, an e-commerce site using Shopify-type sales, or you are looking to build up email lists.

If you just have a product to sell and you don’t need much more on the web other than getting the digital product and a sales page, then Clickfunnels may turn out to be better for you since it has the ability to do upsells, downsells, and abandoned cart emails.



Final Thoughts

These are all the reasons what made me use Builderall over ClickFunnels. Builderall is probably the perfect tool for a beginner as it is cheaper and comes with all the features.

There are many marketers who are already making 6 figure income with Buiderall. Builderall is a new system and has been changing the user interface frequently and bringing in new features with every system update. It is the easiest way to start your own business and uplift the financial standard. If an investment of $49.90 can change your life, what are you waiting for?

Today I’m going to show how you can make some money, about $100 a day that you can literally start making today.  The best part about this is there is no upfront stuff you need other than a computer, you don’t need your own product, website, technical experience, or even ads. So really there is no reason not to get started today and I hope after you read below, you take action, remember its all about taking action.


Simply this is a two-part process as were going to utilize to very popular platforms to make money.


Step 1 = Finding the offers

Now to get started we need to go over to a site called Clickbank. For those of you who are not familiar Clickbank, it’s a site where you can find products to promote and make commission, aka affiliate dollars.  A simple explanation of affiliate dollars is  where you promote someone’s product and they pay a commission. Sounds simple right? Well it can be once you get the hang of it.


To go a little deeper, on Clickbank you’ll find a huge assortment of product that you can promote, but you’ll need to know which products are the ones that sell and will make you money. As a general rule look for products that solves an immediate or urgent product, so for example something in health care such as a snoring device that a deseperate spouse is looking, people will pay a lot of money for a good night sleep! Similarly, is weight loss as they are both called evergreen niche as no matter the time of year or how the economy is doing you’ll always find someone looking to losing weight. I’ve heard countless stories of people putting on some extra pounds during lock down, I know I have!


Anyways back to business, so once again on click bank you’ll need to decipher the right products to sell. And you can do this by setting some filters.  I recommend setting the following filters to help narrow your search to find the perfect product to sell. Pro tip, when selecting a product I always recommend to select companies that offer affiliate tools, as they make it a lot easier for you to promote their products, as you’ll notice not every product on Clickbank offers that level of support




So once you have your filter set now you can start looking.  So for our example were going to

focus on selling a product called the Flat Belly Fix

It’s a highly rated and good seller in the weight loss niche which t pays out about $38 in commission. So sell 3 a day and you’ve made over $100 for the day!








So, the first thing we gotta do here is we actually got to go to a website, you can type in Google, Click Bank. Okay and we’re going to a website called and this is what’s called an affiliate network meaning they have products in which they will pay you money

to do so the first thing you need to do if you don’t already have an account is create an account.

Okay so they will approve you instantly so you can start advertising products so create your account and then once you’ve created your account, you will click the Affiliate Marketplace okay right here. Now you’ll come to a page sort of like this. And what you need to do next is you need to click. Find Products and click the Search button. And you will find a ton of products you can promote. Now as you see here there’s over 4353 products to promote.




Step 2 – The promotion machine

Next step is to go over to Facebook and search for weight loss oriented groups. Remember the formula to success is match need with solution, so in this case were going to advertising a product that helps people lose weight by connecting to as many groups on or pages on facebook that focus on helping people lose weight.


Makes sense, right? So this is marketing 101 you have to target the right people if you advertise weight loss products to people who don’t care about losing weight then you won’t make any money.


So what we do here is search for weight loss and review the results, you want to find pages/groups that have a lot of active members as you want people to actually see your posting.


Okay and then we have a group called Extreme Weight Loss which 501000 people like this okay, 721000 people like this. Then we have A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss.125000 people like this.


So we’ll go on all these pages and we’re going to do is we are going to post our affiliate link. So right here we see on, we have a place in which we can post our affiliate link right there.


Now let me be clear and set the right expectation, just posting your affiliate link doesn’t mean that people are going to click and buy and you’ll be rich, sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn’t work that way. You have to put the time and energy into actually convince people to trust you and that you have the solution to their problems, which in this case is to lose weight. You need to show value and explain how their problem will go away with your solution, do that correct and the sales will start rolling in, it really will.






Now just want to call out there are a bunch of different places for you to post but social media should be your first stop.  FB alone has 2.7 billion month users per Statista  of Because social media has such influence and a global market place promoting and showcasing the value you bring is vital to your success, so when creating a post don’t spam, don’t make it obvious you’re there just to share a link, do some research, provide value and give your audience a reason to trust you, if youre just sharing a link really don’t bother cause nothing will happen other than people getting update and you potentially getting banned. Always provide value!


Click here to see my list of top performing clickbank products


Okay here is the key, you want to create a compelling and useful post that you can add your affiliate to, whereas its well received and not scorned. So with that said you’ll want to say something like….. I love your page and it’s been really helpful,

I figured I’d share with everyone a product that’s helped me lose some weight as well. Try to make the post sound genuine and if possible try the product (if it makes sense) because if you can go deep on your knowledge the trust factor multiples.  Okay, now all we do is we just click enter and post it.

So as you can see here’s my post and what’s cool is that it actually auto generates from the link,

it auto generates some pictures from the website itself. You know it looks pretty cool and you can click here if you want  to change the picture to be something else. At the end you just click post and repeat and post as many places as you can. Okay so there’s other pages, here’s Extreme Weight Loss, there’s other blogs, you know here’s A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss.


There are many other places in which you can do this, you can message people,

you can see there’s comments on this, you know there’s comments from other women

that are looking to lose weight. You can send them messages okay,

you can say hey I saw you were on the Extreme Weight Loss blog, I wanted to share with you

something that helped me lose weight, hopefully it will help you.

You can message people, you can post on Facebook pages, groups, et cetera.

The most important thing I wanna make clear though is that you take action, you take some form of action and you start doing these things. Now you can start doing these things today

or you could put them off and say you’ll do them next week or next month.

And also understand during the way, obstacles might come up. some page moderators may not approve some of your posts, some group moderators may not approve your post.

Some people may click on your links and not necessarily buy, but the point of the matter is,

this is the way to reach people.


This is the way to make a $100 a day from Facebook without spending anything and to do it today.
















So I’m putting in my account nickname and I’m gonna click Generate Hoplinks okay right there.

And I will get an affiliate link in which I can post to other places online and earn commissions from. But this is a pretty ugly link so you can right click and you can click copy this link okay.

Or you can click this button right here and the link will be copied to your computer.

So I won’t go into that. Now the time in which you will be able to receive this money

it’s about a week and three days okay, about a week. Now the affiliate network that I’m gonna show you, the company that I’m gonna show you that will pay you, pays out what’s called weekly net three.





Tools mention




If you want to learn more than I recommend the following courses



Facebook marketing


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