How To Build Your Email Marketing List


How to build your email marketing list doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. When you have the proper email list building tools and strategies, it’s actually pretty simple to understand how you want to grow your email marketing list.


Below we’re going to be teaching you the basic steps to grow your email marketing list. This article is perfect for those who starting out fresh, or are struggling with email list building in general.


Step 1: Have An Email Storage Provide


The first step on how to build your email marketing list is to have a site where you can store emails otherwise known as ESP. You do not want to be storing all of those emails on an excel spreadsheet. Thankfully for you, there are many sites out there that offer a place to capture emails and will allow you to send emails that you can design right there too. Sites like MailerLite, MailChimp, MonsterInsight, and so many more! If you want to grow your email marketing list, you need this.


Step 2: Create An Offer


Now that you have a website that can help capture and store emails, you need to provide some kind of incentive for people to join a list. No one will willingly give their email to a stranger, unless you offer them something. Something that they value.


Because of this, email list building is a long process and how to build your email marketing list is going to take time and effort. Either way, this is a vital piece to the puzzle on how you can grow your email marketing list.


Offer something specific to your niche and that solves a problem. The idea is to gear it towards what you generally provide in that niche. Also you don’t want to give them too much. Make it valuable but cheap. In other words, make something that you think would cost $10 to a person and you’re giving it to them for free.


Step 3: Create an Opt-In Form & Put It In Your Site


Once you have all of those, the next step on how to build your email marketing list is to provide an opt-in form. In order to get into email list building, you’ll need a way for them to sign up. This is also where you tell them exactly what you offer them.


ESPs offer plenty of templates so you can make them right there. Furthermore, the form offers embedded code, making this step simple and easy. The next thing to consider is where to put it. Some high-converting places are a feature box, at the end of each blog post or a popup box.


Step 4: Growing Your List


The last step is growing your list and from there there are a variety of strategies that you can use. Naturally you can rely on having a kick-ass opt-in offer that people will love it and share it, however not everyone will have that fantastic of an offer.


Instead, you want to be smart and strategic with your email list building. To truly grow your email marketing list, you’ll need to be crafty. Below are a few simple strategies to consider.


  • Team up with someone else with an email list and have them plug your name to their email list.


  • Include an opt-in form with other forms that you create for contests, giveaways, quote forms and more.


  • Hold a giveaway yourself. Offer $20 worth of value to a select group of people who are on the list.


  • Offer guest posts to other sites and offer them links to your site and opt-in page.




How to grow your email marketing list can actually be pretty fun once you get it rolling. And as you can tell above, the email list building process is really quite simple.


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