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Dividient stocks

One of my favour way to generate passive income is though dividend proving stocls. For yhose that re not familiar with the intriciaties of the stock market I can a recommend

Dividen stocks are a great way to earn passive income

What to look for

Stable stocks,

Names you know like coke, Disney, mcdonalnds etc

What youll want to leook at is the dividend yield, that will tell you how much of a dividen youll eatn per share. Some you’ll find are low while others are sky high, now with that said you’ll weant to pic something that’s in the middle, reason being is that you can beat a low paying divend so insead of coek at 1.23% you can get starbucks at 2.33. now on the side of the spectire you generally don’t want a dividend that over 8% unlress you really understsnd the business and what youre doing. Usually stocks that offer high dividend tend to be risky and so how they get stock holders interested is by offering high dividend for what can be high risk. So if youre just starting out I would recommend you start with is call the dividend arocrat list, pnce again youll find names you know, products, you normally buy and you’;; earn some dollars for thw

You’ll need a brokerage to buy stocks, and I recommenf blank , they are easy to use and great rates.


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